A Right Royal Mess: EHRs and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

Almost every theme I've written about for the past 15 years, at this blog and at my teaching site (link) regarding health IT mismanagement is present here:

A Right Royal Mess
ehealth INSIDER
12 February 2013

Newly released reports on Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust’s implementation of Cerner Millennium show that many crucial issues were not addressed prior to go-live; and that the trust is continuing to face considerable operational and financial issues because of the system. Rebecca Todd reports.

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I feel this scenario is being repeated in many countries, including the U.S., with many different vendor products.  The industry's pathologies and self-serving memes are difficult to overcome.

As Orwell said:  "To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle."

But don't worry...you're perfectly safe.  Computers, after all, improve healthcare and are entirely beneficent, according to the pundits.  Every untoward event is a mere "anecdote."

-- SS

Addendum 2/15/13:  just to illustrate my point, there's also this:

Monitor blasts Rotherham's EPR programme
ehealth INSIDER
15 February 2013
Lis Evenstad 

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has been found in significant breach of its terms of authorisation by Monitor, with its electronic patient record implementation identified as a key issue.

The trust this month admitted it was facing "persistant serious issues" with the deployment of its Meditech EPR including "clinician and staff acceptance and usability" ... “The trust has not managed EPR implementation in an effective way and significant operational and financial risks will remain until the trust has a robust and operationally effective EPR system." ... “It is unclear whether the trust has sufficient visibility over operational performance and quality issues, including incidents of patient harm,” it adds.

-- SS